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Rishi Tea & Botanicals

Rishi Tea & Botanicals - Pink Lemon Ginger Organic Herbal Tea Sachets

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A special twist on the classic combination of lemon and ginger. Red Shiso, a refreshing herb that is part of the mint family, is the star of the show. Grown in Japan and throughout East Asia as a culinary herb, Red Shiso has a tangy and fruity taste, with a sweet and resinous aroma. It is used traditionally in the pickling of plums to create umeboshi and in a variety of seasonings for sushi and rice dishes. Lemon helps to pull the reddish-purple pigments out of the red shiso leaf, creating an overall pink infusion color in this deliciously warming and soothing botanical blend. A hint of pink rose petals adds luster and perfectly complements the zesty aromas of ginger and red shiso.