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Pedi Couture

Pedi Couture - Mesh Black: Large (8.5-9.5)

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1. These sandals are waterproof, slip resistant, and Non-Porous. Water Resistant & Durable Sole: Non-slip rubber sole with perfect traction and grip to ensure the best anti-skid protection. The waterproof sole is perfect for wearing anywhere inside or outside. 2. A TEXTURED REFLEXOLOGY FOOTBED that keeps feet in place without having to grip the shoe with our toes. The recovery sandal also includes a textured footbed which provides massaging relief in every step. 3. NEW ARCH SUPPORT- Wearing an arch support and/or an orthotic will alleviate the pressure on the impacted areas and will also redistribute the pressure because the body is better aligned with an arch support. Improved circulation, pain relief, faster recovery, corrective support, and hygiene. 4. FOR THE GREATEST COMFORT: We suggest wearing these for a few hours at a time for the first few days to allow your body to adapt to our biomechanical orthotic technology. Our sandals hug your arches like a natural footprint, giving