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Unofuku Origin Black w/ Matte Silver Handle Briefcase 46

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An elegant soft attache case with an impressive silver one-handed handle. Lighter and more agile than a standard hard case, but with the same storage capacity and usability. A stylish bag which is a pleasure to carry. Unofuku offers a wide range of sizes and more in the ORIGIN line, with the 46 being the largest in the line. Color: Black Material: Nylon Size:18.1×13.4×6.3 inches Weight:4.7 lb Bag Interior: The bag is equipped with storage space in the front and back. It is a full open type that opens wide, so you can easily put in and take out your luggage. It has a full interior specification, and miscellaneous luggage can be stored neatly. The bag has a clothing fixing band in the front storage space and a large pocket and a mesh pocket.. The bag contains a storage space on the back side is equipped with a pen slot, mobile phone pocket, card slot, and partition zipper pocket. Ideal for storing frequently used items. It comes with a privacy board to hide things you don't want seen.