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Unofuku Black w/ Matte Silver Handle Slim Briefcase ORIGIN 40

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An elegant soft attache case with an impressive silver one-handed handle. Lighter and more agile than a standard hard case, but with the same storage capacity and usability. A stylish bag which is a pleasure to carry. Unofuku offers a wide range of sizes and more in the ORIGIN line, with the 40 being mid-range in size. Color: Black Material: Nylon Size:15.7×11.4×2.4 inches Weight:2.0 lb Bag Interior: A zipper pocket, a smartphone pocket, a mesh open pocket, a pen holder, and a card holder are all carefully designed to allow you to store your luggage in a functional manner. The opening and closing of the main room is fully open, making it easy to see inside, and it is also attractive that luggage can be easily taken in and out.