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JoyJolt - Hue Colored Stemless Champagne Flutes Glasses, Party Glasses

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There’s nothing more charming than sipping your favorite bubbly from an attractive champagne glass nestled comfortably in your hand. That’s why we created a crystal stemless champagne flute with the same sleek, tapered style as stemmed champagne flute — but with a robust, stemless base. When it comes to stemless glasses, we often have to battle with a clumsy hard-to-grip tumbler, or slim glasses with a wobbly base and glass that could crack if you place it wrong. But with our Hue Set of 6 Colored Glasses, function and form join forces to create the perfect fizz. Top off your glass with Champagne, Cava, White Wine or Sparking Rose and enjoy the best brunch possible. •Mixed Color Rainbow Drinking Glass Set; Keep Track of Drinks Without Labels •Includes: Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue Drinking Glasses •Capacity: 9.4 Oz Champagne Glasses • Lead-Free Glass • Elegantly Cinched Glass Set with Heavy Base for Stability • Elegant and Modern packaging • Hand wash to Retain Shine