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Unofuku Cherry Wood Handle Briefcase

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This classic briefcase has a silky-smooth to the touch handle carved by skilled Japanese craftsmen from the woods of the iconic Japanese Cherry Blossom. The Japanese Cherry Blossom tree is known for its fine fibers, that are water-resistant and strong, often used for high-end furniture, musical instruments, and more. It also has a special property of becoming glossier when polished. Therefore, the more you use this bag, the richer and deeper the design will become. Color: Black Material: Nylon Size: 16.1×11.4×3.9 inches Weight:3.3 lb Bag Exterior: The front of the bag is designed for convenience with a zipper pocket for any quick grabs. The bag also has a wide storage opening, unique to a Dulles bag, for an easy peak inside to pick out any items needed. Bag Interior: The interior contains 1 zipper pocket and 3 open pocket to keep your belongings organized making it easy to pick out items.